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All The Single Foodies

I could write a long epilogue about why these places remind me about my last trip to Aspen, or the love of my life that broke my heart, but who has the time!? You want to dine someplace where there's a reasonable amount of interaction and some amazing food and I want to give you the list of the best places to celebrate you! So, without further ado, here are my top three favorite restaurants to dine alone in Savannah for those ambivert singles ready to mingle with lots of carbs.

Kayak Kafe

No need to tread water to enjoy this blissful delicacy.

Just head on over to Savannah’s midtown or downtown locations to get a piece of homemade deliciousness. Kayak offers options for the carnivore and herbivore. But, let’s be honest, even if you are a gung-ho meat-eater you’ll change your mind after you try the crab-less artichoke sandwich. Also, a quick heads up if you're expecting a quiet eatery alone, Kayak’s brunch is always packed, but going around 2 pm or later brings the single crowd. Who knows you might the love of your life in the form of a tuna melt.

Alley Cat

Some of their drinks are on fire!!! Like literally on fire!

I really wanted to end the blog right there because what else do I need to tell you in order to convince you to give them a try? But since writing is all about imagery here's a little walk down the alleyway of  West Broughton Street where a little speakeasy will take your breath away. From the cascading spotlights, newspaper-style menus and extremely knowledgeable staff. You can’t go wrong with spending your time here. It’s so nice, that for all of you introverts out there this will become your favorite go-to place to settle down for the day without the opportunity to be bothered.

Also, their drinks are on FIRE! *Alicia Keys before Swizz Beats voice*

Pizzeria Vittoria Napoletana

Last but not least, let’s travel down to bull street and enter the mock Wynwood area known as Starland Yard. This family safe area is the perfect self-date place to explore and to grab some pizza. Vittoria brick oven pizza is an excellent way to wind down. Also, since the area is constantly packed, feel free to take it to go and explore the remainder of the yard. I highly recommend anything that prosciutto can fit on.

There you have it, ladies and gents! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day with the one you love the most. Your goddamn self!

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