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10 Holiday Goodies for Foodies

Don't cop out on a gift by taking us out to eat!

Someone had to say it! This will not be the ninth Christmas in a row where you take your favorite foodie out to dinner as a gift. We are grateful individuals, but we like to unwrap presents too. Want a hint on a few gifts that will have your foodie cooking you a great big pot of black eyed peas and fried chicken for the new year? Then check out this list:

Black Girls Eat

A foodie that is one part social justice and one part dinner recommendations is a keeper indeed. Though, I have been recently introduced to this collective, I'm already a big fan of the branding that this company is pushing out. The featured image is one of my favorite t-shirts in the collection. If you're looking for a great gift under $30 that celebrates your black female foodie for her magic in and out of the kitchen look no further than this shop.

Snack Crate

For those wanderlust tastebuds- Snack Crate subscriptions are the perfect gift for your foodie friends who want to backpack the world from the comfort of their own homes (not like we really have a choice right now.) The company offers full-sized snack options from various countries. Upon subscribing, the website asks for your country preference and your taste profile of salty, sweet, or both snack options. From there you are asked to choose your preferred snack box size. The sizes range from- mini (5-6 snack options), original (10-12 snack options, or family-sized (18-20+ snack options) with a subscription that starts at $9.99/monthly for a mini - $44.99/monthly for the family sized. Side note, These are the prices when deducted with a $5 credit given when you sign up for the subscription.


I like my paper with a little bit of class! Papier recipe cards are great gifts for your sentimental foodie who normally forgets the holiday recipe and can never find the pin on Pinterest. This a great gift that can be passed down from generation to generation and it's super cute. Also, while you're picking out those recipe cards. Feel free to browse the companies stationary paper and agenda books. Whenever this pandemic ceases, your sentimental foodie would love to have nice invitations and a planner for blogging and social media content.

Cute Root

*In my best Lizzo voice* "I am free, yeah, yeah, come water me." What better gift to give, than the gift of life. Cute root recyclable and sustainable cards are the new age version of receiving cards and flowers, but the biodegradable way. After your foodie reads your beautiful sentiments, they can then plant your acknowledgments and watch them become wildflowers. The cards are great presents for any occasion.

Food Donations

Chefs are the ultimate givers! They create dishes that evoke emotions, create memories, and are unforgettable by trade. With super powers like that it's almost a due diligence to the art of food making that many of them love to give back to their communities. Make a donation to a food bank, non-profit, or family in need this holiday. One of my highlights for the holidays is when my family comes together to make someone else's seasons bright. Also, why just stop at the holidays? Make it a full-time process for your foodie by signing up for recurring donations to No Kid Hungry. Where you donate $19/monthly to the cause. Also, local agencies in your neighborhood are great places to start if you want to know directly where your donations are going.


Make the food stick on a wall

Another way to give back is supporting artist work through the collaborative village known as Redbubble or the artsy knick knack place Society6. Purchase apparel, posters, totes, and home goods of creative designs that are unique and affordable. Be sure to gift us with a nice foodie poster to hang in the kitchen.


More storage than your Iphone

Ok, truth be told! If I was born a Jewish woman. I would be the best yenta with big curls and the best pyrex storage on the block. I can't wait for Covid to be over, so that I can bring Tupperware parties back for us millennials. Pyrex decorated storage collection is what leftovers look forward to being held into. With trademark designs from companies like Disney and beautiful typography collections these glass dishes create happiness around lunch time before you go back to the work hustle. Also, the brand has always proven to be durable and a family staple.

DIY Kits

Everyone at this point is making their own kombucha, beer, and wine. DIY kits are great for new home chefs who are still exploring the stove, but know what they like to taste in a plate. Also, every food geek stans the idea of recipe development. What a great way to spend time with your own creativity this holiday season.

Floor and Decor

No need to throw in the tile!

I'll be honest, if you buy a home improvement gift for your foodie. I would prefer it be a full kitchen design, but we all know that a girl can dream. If you're anything like me. The words marble, granite, and stone are nowhere near your kitchen. That's why tile samples are perfect gifts. It allows your blogging foodie the flexibility to create seasonal scenes for under $5 a tile. If shopping for tile seems slightly intimidating. Give your foodie a gift card to one of the many home improvement stores in your area.

Website Renewal

Any domain you choose!

A web of gifts

If you give your blogging foodie (new or old) the opportunity not to worry about website renewals going into the new year. Then it's time to start planning the wedding. Website renewals come in handy for our foodies to keep blogging without the hassle of worrying about paying on a monthly basis. Also, if you throw in an intern or two, you'll have to opportunity to do more food tasting in the new year.

Here's the part where I say any gift big or small would be held with admiration and love from your adorable foodie friend. But why fib so close to Christmas? Take it from me. Cheesecake Factory is nice, but Cheesecake Factory and a new blender is so much better. Create happiness as beautiful as your foodies holiday dishes this season.

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