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Dashing Through The DMs

Navigating tasty restaurants through (mostly) awful dating stories

Again, Most of Them!


It's hard being a lover girl in these fend for yourself type streets... That's why I am chronicling a few of my bizarre dating stories In a limited series during the month of February that I am calling "Dashing Through the DMs." Join me as I recount some of my most memorable dates and the food that literally saved the day while I was there. Full disclaimer, In true Law and Order fashion all names and identities will be changed for the sake of the story. This is purely about food and entertainment. A majority of these stories are lighthearted and do not serve as a man-bashing good time. In fact, many of the people who saved the date so happened to be male chefs

This is just a transparent moment to explore content with the intentions of talking about some of the local restaurants and snack shops that I have gone to and the funny stories that have ensued while I was there.

The first story that will be posted in the month of February is called- "Tortellini's and Testosterone" aka the worst date that I ever went on in my entire life. Check back for the full story on the blog and the video that follows on Instagram.

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