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Henny-thing is possible in NoDA

A Little Queenin' Never Hurt Nobody!

art soiree
My plastered brother and I like feathers and punch.

Get you a Shay!

I like to do hoodrat things with my friends.

The Crowns that Travel

Have you met my best friend Shay? This entrepreneur and CEO of the Bronze Hustle, prayer warrior, and stylish individual is someone that I call my best friend. She's been there for me in all of my moments and when it comes to traveling she's my riding partner hands down! This is a long awaited post, because her birthday was during Lent or aka my social media fast. So, I had to do this unfamiliar thing and celebrate her birthday unplugged. This led us to our girls trip to Charlotte to participate in "The Brunch Chaser" hosted by sister-food blogger in my head Ms. Chakayla Taylor. This sisterhood of the busting out of your traveling pants brunch was just the stress-reliever needed during the nasty rain storms that we encountered that week in Greenville. Not only was sis food amazing (yasss, Vanilla bean waffles)! but her soul was too. Chakayla cooks and speaks with passion and it was so inspiring that she passed some of her knowledge on to me and encouraged me to keep going with this blog thing. She doesn't even know me from a can of paint! But her presence is like a having sister telling you to lift yourself up from the pain and to follow your greatness.

Pass the Henny to the Left Hand Side

Let's get into this food though! Our plates consisted of a choice of fried chicken wings, thick bacon, red velvet waffle or vanilla bean waffle, eggs, cajun tots, and henny sizzurp. I don't know what Chakyla adds to that sizzurp but you'll be reciting the bridge to "Sippin on some sizzurp" like you wrote the doggone thing for Three Six Mafia. We broke bread with our new table friends and explored the beautiful BlK MRKT. The way that this woman cooks needs to be bottled up in a museum. Them tots and those chicken wings were everything and because I'm greedy I took a cousin at the cook out plate to go.

Long over due birthday post

It felt good to reconnect and to just experience a moment with this amazing friend of mine on her big day. We took an Uber around town and explored new bars, restaurants and cultures like never before. Then like the big kids we are we watched That's So Raven in our pajamas and contemplated if we really needed to wear heels to the club lol. Here's to you and your queeness on your overdue birthday. Happy birthday, Shay!

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