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Feed Your Faith

I was today years old when I finally got the vision to water the seed to feed my garden.

Chow Chow dogs
Chow Chow Chicago style dogs

Are you still doing the blogging thing?

How often would I hear this while my mind was working at 75-mph to keep up with everything that I was dealing with since 2018. A lot has changed in this time, and my heart wasn't close to my purpose. I would cook and my food wouldn't taste the same. My favorite dishes became sad and salty and I just wasn't feeling up to doing anything that required me to maintain my weight. I gained 15 pounds, lost 25, and regained 17. I am currently 2 pounds under what my current weight was when I randomly stopped "Bite Me by Martina" in November of 2018. This was just a sad time for me moving forward and what I thought I could get over in a matter of two months took until this very moment to do so. I was today years old when I finally got the seed to feed my garden and to harvest new life into myself. This newness is a journey of commitment to self-love and preservation. I am moving forward with tears in my eyes and a swollen belly but in the end a new garden will grow.

Blog on the back burner

Are you slow to start? Afraid? Lying? or do you not know where to go from here?

I'm all that and then some! I was afraid to start because I know that my calling is changing. I'm more than just food. I'm an influencer in my own right. I'm the girl that walks into a restaurant and is inspired by the tablecloth decor, the wine arrangement, and the clientele. I'm all about the ambience. I even go as far as thinking of ways to improve a restaurant's menu and dining experience as if they need my help. I've become one with the idea of getting the best bang for your buck. So, if I like a recipe I try to recreate it for 1/2 the coins and 1/2 the calories. I'm invested in my weight loss journey and I'm moving forward in reinventing my brand. That's why the new name is now "A Dash of That", I'm a little bit of everything from fashion to fitness to faith. I hope that this blog not only encourages me to see my changes, but inspires you to conquer your change too.

What to expect?

Expect new recipes and a forgiving mentality unlike ever before. I'm conquering obesity using some Weight Watcher recipes, Pinterest finds, and My Fitness Pal meal plans. There is no more point counting for me! Just portion control and willpower. There will be times that you will see me eat a cookie...or a dozen. There is no judgement on my end, so I don't expect any on yours. This is about feeling good and embracing myself in this new phase of my life.

Want to support?

Reblog some recipes, follow the amazing people that I meet along the way and comment if you've tried anything that I've made. Let's be a community of givers and help water each other's seeds.

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