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Nails, Hair, Hips, Fridge

or whatever Todrick Hall said...Welcome to a Refrigerator Makeover!

Welcome to Martina's where the food is always good, but the fridge was super boring!

I had a lot of plans for what type of design work I wanted within my new apartment. I wanted to cascade the place with funky, hip colors that offered a black pride meets bohemian vibe. Though, I've lived in over five apartments in the course of four years. I never really made my place feel at home; maybe because when I was living out of town, I didn't really want to make that place my home. We'll save that breakthrough for my therapy sessions.

Any who, let's get into this design work- Meet my boring fridge.

When I first moved into this apartment the biggest downfall for me was the kitchen. It was super small, a little outdated, and had brown cabinets. If you know anything about me, brown cabinets and shopping at Marshall's are two of my least favorite things in the world. However, I saw the fridge, and you could tell that it had more than enough stories living with it's previous owners. Stories that clearly included spaghetti stains and a small dent in the middle of the surface. I knew that I would place my focus on making this the biggest design upgrade within my home.

A little over three months ago, I ordered removable wallpaper from Target ( Brewster NuWallpaer by Wall Pops!) called "Summer Love." It was beautiful! Cascaded with lots of animals and floral patterns. It honestly looks like the inspiration for my next tattoo. The easy to use removable wallpaper was not only affordable (under $30 a roll), but it also was the only one that provided more than enough coverage to satisfy the requirements for my fridge.

I thought that I would have this fridge covered way before today. But, maybe when I wasn't feeling most overwhelmed I would be capable of producing my best work. What can I say? I am a failed math and art student who loves design and precision.

As you can tell some of my lines were off, but I ended up going over them by trimming the sides and adding tape to the corners. Yes, tape! Look, I haven't trusted anything since I found out that Cree Summer, was capable of doing the voice over for both Number 5 in Codename: Kid's Next Door and Susie Carmichael from the Rugrats.

So get off my case!

Now, this wallpaper, though very pretty was also very difficult to surrender to the fridge. I'm not sure if the surface had too much detail, but it took a sponge and squeegee to get out the air bubbles and allow the paper to stick. I had to put a bit of my hip into it to make sure that the paper would stay attached (also, hence the tape).

The project took a little over 2 hours, with additional cutting and also, cleaning the outside of the fridge with rubbing alcohol before application. Also, I took the measurements and the freezer was spot on. However, the bottom half was a little short in length. So, I cut the remainder of the paper horizontally which caused a overlap with two pieces of the paper crowding one another. This is something I wanted to avoid, but also I'm glad that for the first time in my life I cut paper correctly! The designs laid perfectly on top of each other.

Though the price was extremely affordable, I have a lot of leftover paper! Which I intend to use either to modge podge a folding table or to upgrade the back of my bookshelf at a later date.

If you're into sometimes DIYing like I am and you have two hours to spare.

Grab some wallpaper and give that fridge a makeover!

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